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We aim to celebrate the different women within the world of whiskey, and will use this platform to share with our readers.


Who doesn’t love to cook with whiskey! We have put together a list of our top whiskey recipes.


Chocolate Whiskey Cake

This rich, almost flourless, one layer chocolate cake is flavoured with whiskey. I strongly recommend a none peated, slightly strong, sweet whiskey such as: Jack Daniels; Jameson; Grace O’Malley; Slane; or the one I used, Glenmorangie Coffee. Almost a sin, I know, but the whiskey/coffee flavour was amazing. For those of you who cook, you…

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Tipperary Boutique Distillery

We sat down virtually with Jennifer Nickerson of Tipperary Boutique Distillery recently to find out more about her very interesting journey into the whiskey Industry. Jennifer is the daughter of Stuart Nickerson who has over 40 years experience in the industry and has managed a number of distilleries such as Highland Park, Glenfiddich and Balvenie…

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Old Fashioned Cocktail

Notably Don Draper’s signature drink in Mad Men, but the Old Fashioned has been a very popular cocktails since the 1800’s. In 1806 a cocktail was defined as “a stimulating liquor, composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters” and that pretty much sums up an Old Fashioned. It was frequently known simply…

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An Interview with Linh Do

Our aim in starting Hip Cask, through this website, our Facebook group and the Instagram account is to celebrate our love of whiskey but also to celebrate the different women within the world of whiskey. We want to hear what they have to say and spotlight those voices and share it with whoever wants to…

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