The Great Whiskey Fire

If you’ve ever done a distillery tour in Dublin, you would have heard the Great Whiskey Fire of 1875 being mentioned, especially if the distillery was based in the Liberties area of the city.

On the night of the 18th June 1875 on Chamber Street, what would be one of Dublin’s most devastating fires began at Malone’s Malt House where approximately 5,000 barrels went on fire. The fire spread quickly through the streets of the Liberties burning everything it touched and sadly taking the life of 13 people, who died not due to the flames but through drinking the burning liquid.

Three Castles Burning have a fantastic podcast on the fire and the impact James Robert Ingram had on getting the fire under control through the use of horse manure. I’d highly recommend you take some time to listen below or you can also read about the fire in detail on Come Here To Me.


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Dublin based with a love of whiskey & gin!

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