Who We Are

Marisa Lanning

My journey with spirits started early. In the basement of our old house in Santa Barbara California was a hidden room locked by an old bank vault door put in by my grandparents. The room had been put in during the 1920’s but forgotten and sealed with the repeal of prohibition in the 1930’s. My folks engaged a locksmith to open it in the late 1970’s and to my mothers disappointment but my fathers and my delight, the hidden room held my grandad’s old spirit collection. Some bottles were molded and past their prime, while others were some of the best whiskies, brandies and liqueurs we had ever tasted. It has been a pleasant quest to explore as many different whiskies as possible from Scotland, to Ireland, from small distilleries in the US to Japan’s Suntory. Along the way I have had the good fortune to meet amazing folks in the whiskey world from Keith Barnes at Bainbridge Organic Distillers to Lora Hemy at Roe & Co. My personal goal is to visit as many distilleries and taste as many whiskies as humanly possible. I feel so lucky to now be living in Ireland, enjoying the whiskey renaissance currently taking place. I look forward to sharing my tasting notes, articles and musings as well as reading about others experiences in the wonderful world of whiskey. Sláinte!

Favourite Whiskey

I have a hard time narrowing my likes down to just one: In the peat category I really adored Smoke Head. In the Irish I love Tullamore DEW 18 (SO much bang for the buck). For Japanese I go between Yamazaki 18 and Nikka Whiskey from the Barrel (the complexity!). From American I have to go with Bainbridge Organic Distillery Two Island Islay Cask (Damn Keith you nailed it!).

Avril Tracey

I started drinking whiskey 7 years ago in my sisters bar in Germany when my boyfriend (now husband) convinced me to try something new – I had a look at the fantastic selection, not knowing much about any of the bottles but I went with a Classic Laddie and straight away fell in love with it! We have visited loads of distilleries over the last number of years in the US, Scotland and Ireland – rarely have we been on a holiday and not found a local distillery to visit! For a couple of years, I lived close to the Teeling Distillery and would spend many a Sunday afternoon in the bar trying out their various cocktails on offer – now I’m not too far away and my love of whiskey is kept alive by the resurgence of whiskey all over Ireland, not just in Dublin.

Favourite Whiskey

I love the Green Spot Chateau Montelena – it’s such a nice drink and one we always have in the house!

Sinéad Lillis

I’ve always loved whiskey – it’s my go to when I want to sip and enjoy a drink, the only spirit I would consider spending a few extra quid on a bottle because I know I will really enjoy it, it’s the go to for a night in by the fire with the family. It’s only in the last that two or three years that I’ve started to learn more about it and to taste a wider variety of whiskey and I figured there’s probably no better way to expand my knowledge than through this group. 

For any of you that are relatively new to whiskey, know that I’m right there with you and I’m looking forward to sharing what I learn and learning more from all of you!

Favourite Whiskey

Red Breast 12 Year Old

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