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Whiskey Gifts

Not all gifts for a birthday, Christmas or special occasion need to be a bottle of whiskey but can be something just as nice for that whiskey lover in your life (or if you’re like me, a treat to yourself!) We’ve gathered up some cool whiskey related gift ideas we hope will help you pick…

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Without Wood, There Would be No Whiskey

In the Beginning Without the marriage of charred wood with Poitín, there would be no whiskey as we know it. Back in the depths of time, the raw material distilled from alembic or pot stills, was most likely stored in whatever barrel happened to be available. Back then, there were not a lot of storage…

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The Great Whiskey Fire

If you’ve ever done a distillery tour in Dublin, you would have heard the Great Whiskey Fire of 1875 being mentioned, especially if the distillery was based in the Liberties area of the city. On the night of the 18th June 1875 on Chamber Street, what would be one of Dublin’s most devastating fires began…

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Welcome to Hip Cask

Let us introduce ourselves! Welcome to Hip Cask – Women for Whiskey! The idea for this group came about through a shared love of the spirit and together we decided to build a community of women who like us, also love whiskey.  Our main aim through this group is to connect like minded women (and…

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